[CNN] Celebrating Freedom from Covid-19 Weight (Part 2 of 7)

July 5, 2020


I woke up this morning feeling a little disoriented.

I hope you don't mind if I get real with you today, and then I will get right to our CNN (Coronavirus Nutrition Notes) content: Part 2 of 7!

Tony is away in Connecticut for the 4th of July with his adult kids and his kids' friends, and I didn't want to fly or be in a house filled with people.

So I am home alone (with Teddy of course...)

I'm serious about protecting my health during coronavirus in a way that makes me feel a little isolated sometimes but extremely empowered when it comes to my nutrition.

I stay steadfast in my quarantine, eating a socially unacceptable amount of vegetables (Teddy doesn't judge), avoiding all ultra-processed foods, taking my supplements and getting my emotional food and motivation by connecting in our VitaliTi Zoom community. 

Yesterday, my Mom sent me a picture of the whole family gathered at my brother's beautiful new home in Potomac, and I was surprised that I nearly burst into tears.

(That's my brother and my sister-in-law on the far right on the tall stools and my Mom must be taking the picture for me--of course. (If you don't see the photo, make sure your images are enabled on your email.)  

I usually bury the loneliness or sense of isolation that I sometimes feel since the quarantine started but holidays are tough, especially with none of my people here. 

Luckily my steadfast animal companion Teddy is right by my side.

(He is staring at me right now so he must know I am writing about him or he wants some of my Beyond Meat burger.)

That's Teddy below - it's a still shot from the shocking video I have of him LOVING my home made Kale chips a couple weeks ago.🤣

Back to this morning...

Very quickly my sense of isolation lifted because I had a text waiting for me from my client Joe who had just started using a video app  so that he could leave me a video of his progress on our nutrition program! 


I was quickly uplifted by Joe who is experiencing freedom from the unwanted weight gain he had fallen prey to at the beginning of our quarantine because of Covid-19.

I was struck by the excitement in his voice, his positivity about the future and his generosity in sharing his progress with me (and now with all of us)! Thanks Joe!

You may not know it, Joe, but you completely changed the course of my day! 

I hope you feel the same lift in mood that I did when you watch his quick 1-minute update to me (video below) so filled with confidence and most importantly his unwavering belief  in his positive future trajectory.

Do you even remember how great you can feel in the present when you know that you are on a positive future trajectory?

Joe Experiences Freedom from Unwanted Weight Gain During Covid-19 Quarantine

Not more than 5 minutes later, I was awed and inspired by my client Marvin Corr's first Facebook Live ever which he did in our private Facebook Group today to share his decisions for how he would be eating clean and plant based on the 4th of July no matter what anyone else ate.

And he shared his decisions about his healthy choices with us at 6am while on a 6-mile walk which is his new normal since he has lost over 20 lbs in our nutrition program.

Marvin's 2-minute video this morning (you can play it below) positively impacted our whole community as he shared his hope that we all make healthy choices on the 4th of July -- a day that we all know often brings a lot of temptations.

Marvin Experiences Freedom from the Hook of "Irresistible Foods" that  Make Us Unhealthy and Sick

Last, but certainly not least, I was filled with gratitude for my dear friend and client Holly Drouillard's video which appeared only minutes later on our Facebook Group.

In her video, Holly shares her experience with how supported and empowered she feels 14 lbs closer to her optimal weight.

You can hear that she is confidently progressing to her goal of reaching her ideal weight and her authenticity and warmth is refreshing and uplifting. 

Holly Experiences the Freedom that Comes When You Make Weight Loss is Inevitable

Do you ever feel like the Universe is giving you a sign that you are not alone like I did today?

Maybe this email is supposed to be your sign. 

During this uncertain time, where many of us feel insecure and anxious, I hope you are as encouraged and inspired as I was by  the confidence, hope, and clarity that rings so loudly through these 3 videos.

As I write the second installment of our CNN series , with the inspiration of the 4th of July🎊, Joe, Marvin, Holly and all our clients... 

I am thinking about what freedom means to us at VitaliTi in the context of Covid-19.

  • Freedom found in the confidence that your nutritional choices are protecting your health
  • Freedom from the worry that you and your family can't stop eating the comfort foods that are robbing you of your health and vitality and putting you at risk for getting sick
  • Freedom from the hook of seemingly delicious yet disastrous foods that keep us a prisoner to bad health; aches and pains; low energy; moodiness and brain fog
  • Freedom to enjoy the body that we are in right now, the health that we are already experiencing right now, as we continue to always strive for our optimal weight and health. 
If you want a taste of the freedom that comes from being confident in your nutrition and health...   

Take this Quiz now to see if your metabolic type might be the thing that is holding you back. 

When you get your quiz results, watch the video on your results page and then leave a comment on this post with your Metabolic type.

I'll be waiting to provide you with some ideas that are helping Joe, Marvin and Holly move confidently, happily, and effortlessly on their path to better health. 

No willpower required - that's the secret.

With love,

Your "Give it to you Straight from the Heart" Nutrition Coach,

You Cannot Afford to Ignore Your Health Right Now.  

The coronavirus is still stalking us.

Do not pretend that you will be able to fix your nutrition later "when things go back to normal."

Do not ignore any symptoms of poor gut health, as your gut houses 80% of your immune cells. 

No one can afford to neglect their nutrition right now. 

Get our free tips now to start building your healthy habits!

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