Achieve Your Health & Wellness Breakthroughs!
Experienced, Proven, Enthusiastic & Insightful Guidance, Encouragement, Support & Accountability!

For those seeking the ultimate in wellness and healthy lifestyle support, Ti works with a few select individuals, and if needed or appropriate, their families, in a private consultation arrangement every year.

Ti’s private wellness coaching clients are individuals that are generally busy and influential community and/or business leaders who are pursuing big picture goals in their personal and professional lives. These individuals demand and expect the best in all things and are committed to success
in every undertaking.

If you believe you are someone who would like to work personally with Ti and has the resources to do so, we encourage you to speak with Ti about a personalized wellness coaching program and explore the benefits of a customized program and what if can do for your own wellness challenges. To be considered for this premium offering, please fill out and submit the application form at the bottom of this page.

If you are selected as a potential client for Ti’s Private Coaching, Ti will personally respond to you to get additional information to determine if the Private Wellness Coaching services are the best fit for you. During your contact with Ti, she will also be happy to share private coaching references and success stories.

If Ti feels that you are not an ideal candidate for the premium one-on-one wellness coaching, she may suggest other options for your situation including “small group” coaching as well as our extended Membership and Mastery programs.

Thank You for your interest in working with Ti.

Preliminary Application for Private Wellness Coaching Sessions with Ti
  • Privacy Statement:

    We sincerely value your privacy as much as we do our own. So the information that you submit via this form will not be shared, sold or distributed to any 3rd party organization.

    Additionally the information submitted in this form will only be seen by Ti and her assistant and will not be shared with any other Vitaliti employee or vendor.

  • Give us a little overview about you and your lifestyle.
  • Please tell us what you do in your work life. Please indicate If you are retired, full-time stay at home parent, or working full or part-time. Describe what you do.
  • Make sure to include not only your general details of your activities but also your times for coaching availability. Be sure to include your whole day picture (mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends)
  • Please list all the Vitaliti programs you have participated in including any that you are currently enrolled in. (please also list any other nutrition or exercise programs you have participated in). To the best of your ability, please include the dates that you participated in these programs.
  • Please list the types of exercise that are part of your personal fitness routine, how much you exercise and for what length of time you have been exercising regularly.
  • Please let us know what you hope to get out of a private coaching relationship with Ti. How do you think private coaching would make a difference in your life.
  • If you could have it all your own way, what would be your perfect result from coaching with Ti? Big picture thinking here. How do you see yourself benefiting?
  • Please describe the kind of time commitments and lifestyle commitments you forsee yourself being willing to make during your private coaching period. Are you more on the "learning" end of the scale or more on the "life transformation" end of the scale?
  • Please add any additional information you think would help us understand your situation.