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“I (wanted to) tell you how much I appreciate what you and your program have meant to me this past year and a half.  You really have dramatically changed my perspective of the meaning of life and indeed my life itself.  Not just weight loss, though that has been an overwhelming source of satisfaction, but in so many ways I believe I have become a more engaged and better person as a direct result of your influence.”Jerry, San Mateo

“I am typically a skeptic when it comes to nutritional “cleanses” that promise speedy results. As a young dancer I was witness to the eating disorders of those close to me at a young age. I’ve always been grateful and have felt extremely lucky for my healthy relationship with my body and with food. As a nurse and a fitness studio owner I feel responsible for the people who look to me for advice. I want every woman, every person, to wake up each day and love the body they are in. I want people to embrace cooking healthy, yummy food that provides them with the energy to accomplish everything they want to do in life and to do it all feeling and looking great. I want my children to see me cooking, eating, enjoying all the healthy food that our earth provides. At the advice of my trusted friend and business partner I gave the Vitaliti Zippi Cleanse a try — WOW! Ti is dynamic, knowledgeable, supportive and simply a joy to be around. Her program encouraged me to cook even more of the foods I love and left me feeling more mentally clear, focused and full of positive energy. I love that Ti does not simply tell you what “not” to eat, she tells you what “to” eat to make sure you are satiated and getting exactly what your body needs. Although Ti offers supplements (“easy buttons”) to make the process easier, she was supportive and understanding of my desire to stay away from supplements and use only whole foods. I also appreciated and was surprised by the lifestyle components of the cleanse: more sleep + less time at the computer = more quality time with my beautiful family! I felt like I reclaimed time that I didn’t even realize I had lost. This is not a “one size fits all” program. I watched Ti consult with other participants who were breastfeeding, traveling for work, etc. and help them figure out how to make the program work for them. Ti has successfully broken my wall of skepticism and I’m on board to keep learning more! Thank you Ti for creating a program that I can stand behind!”Kerry Corcoran, Co-Owner The Dailey Method, Berkeley, CAand Owner The Dailey Method Lamorinda, Lafayette, CA

“After years of infertility treatments and having three kids in less than 2 years, my body was a mess. I was overweight, tired and moody and felt like I could not get out of my “bad cycle.” Doing the Vitaliti programs and frequent practice of The Dailey Method unlocked the key for me — I lost 14 lbs in 5 weeks and got my “pre-kids”body back, which I thought was gone forever! No more negative self talk in the morning getting dressed. No more shame when I look in the mirror. I feel empowered, glowing and happy and tremendous gratitude for the gift of this winning combination. My entire relationship with food and health is changed for life.”Jackie D., Mother of 3

“Ti Caudron and her Vitaliti programs are truly best in class. Though I thought I already really understood a lot about nutrition, Ti took it to another level. I learned SO much not only about what I ate, but when and why. The results were amazing. We tracked really important information about our bodies, beyond just pounds lost. I really feel like I have a great understanding of my body composition & metabolism now. And Ti makes it fun. She has a hilarious sense of humor, and ability to tap into your deepest motivations.”Susan WillrichOwner of Piedmont and Berkeley “The Dailey Method”

“Although I entered into it without any specific expectations, the Vitaliti cleanse turned out to be an incredibly rewarding and gratifying experience, and the results were far beyond what I expected. As someone who ‘knows’ a lot about food and nutrition, I was amazed at how my entire outlook about what I ate, when and why, altered during the cleanse. Ti’s expertise and enthusiasm encouraged me to let go of my habits and preconceived notions and to really explore and experience something new. I didn’t set out on the cleanse with the goal of losing weight, and I’ve never had much success changing my weight (I’ve been the same size since my freshman year of high school), but as I removed the toxins and inflammation from my body, weight just seemed to fall away. I finished the cleanse feeling positive, joyful and grounded. I had such an awesome experience, and I’d recommend this cleanse to anyone (and everyone!) who wants to learn the simple rules for bringing their body back to a state of vibrant balance and health.”Susannah, Health & Wellness Instructor at The Dailey Method

“I just wanted to let you know that I got my blood test done the day after the cleanse finished. I have had “borderline” high cholesterol pretty much my entire life, since I was about 10.  I got my test results back and I am in the normal range for the first time in about 20 years!

My cholesterol had always sat right around 215, which as you probably know 200-240 is considered borderline high.  My cholesterol is now 167!!  I feel like a weight has been lifted…no matter how much exercise I did and how “well” I ate, my cholesterol was always a bit too high.  Now I know just how to feed myself so my cholesterol can stay at a healthy level. Just had to share the good news!  Thanks for all the guidance!”Laura, Pleasant Hill

“It’s so great that I’ve finally found something that works for me and that my body responds to within a short period of time.  Thanks to you!”Vikki, Piedmont Area

“I can’t say enough positive things about the Vitaliti programs. They are truly amazing and here is why I say this:

When I retired in 2002 I had medical issues involving blood pressure, cholesterol, was a borderline Type 2 diabetic and had acid reflux. I was taking medication for all three of the medical problems. My systolic blood pressure was over 140, my cholesterol was about 200 and my glucose was around 140 but would occasionally spike at 200 which would land me in the Emergency room. Medication brought the blood pressure down to about 130-135 and the cholesterol to around 150. A variety of dieting philosophies were tried along with an increase in exercise but they did little to reduce the numbers. My wife discovered the Vitaliti diet program and has had great success in reducing weight. She urged me to  try the program saying that a number of people do the diet to reduce or eliminate medial issues. I decided to try the program in August 2013. After just 30 days on the program I was off ALL medications! Without medication, my systolic blood pressure has stabilized at 114 systolic (resting) and 120-125 while active. Glucose is consistently in the 90s when tested in the morning before a meal and my associated A1c is below 5.5. Cholesterol is below 120. Acid reflux is non-existent when eating the program’s meals and only  mildly occurs occasionally when eating something off the program that is acidic or overly spicy. Now, my overall physical health is excellent. Examples of this are that I can now run 5 miles, which I have not done in more than 15 years;  I can do a full thirty minutes of kickboxing without taking a break, and I can do a full hour of TRX strength training, sometimes doing back to back sessions on the same day. Since starting the diet my weight was reduced by about 12 pounds and that reduced my overall body fat to under 13% while my muscle mass increased by 6-7 pounds. Overall I am healthier than I have been in more than 20 years!

The significant positive results has inspired me to continue the Vitaliti diet. I highly recommend the Vitaliti program to anyone wanting to be more healthy as well as to those wanting to lose weight. It is a GREAT program!”Larry, East Bay Area

“I just wanted to thank you for the class you created. You’ve really changed my life and the way I view food and myself. Starting the VitaliTi program full on on has pushed me back down to the 140’s from my start weight of 157! I haven’t seen a 140-anything since July 2012, but you’ve given me more than just weight loss. I feel like I’ve overcome a huge demon in my life. Food was everything and made me “happy.” Now, food is just fuel that must be healthy in order to make me happy.”Daisy L., San Francisco, CA

“I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic program. It’s made such a huge difference in my life–I can’t even write about it properly without sounding like I’m exaggerating. I started out with the Cambiati program last January and switched to VitaliTi when I was ready to begin a second cleanse at the beginning of the summer. I’ve lost a lot of weight and have increased my energy and stamina, but I have to say that the most significant change has been emotional.”Andy J. Walnut Creek, CA

“When I started the program, Ti said lean in on the first 10 days get used to the shakes, I jumped in and I saw amazing results.  After two sessions, four months apart, I have lost 32lbs, 24lbs of fat, I have not been hungry one time during the program and I feel great.  I have kicked my coffee habit; this was a major accomplishment for me.  My workouts have been full of energy and I don’t have peaks and valleys of energy during my day and I feel great.  Also, I run an obstacle course race every year and I took eight minutes off my previous years’ time.”

“Ti has taught me how to lead a healthy life style through proper nutrition and if you follow the program it works. This is a sustainable life style that has led me down the road to a long healthy life.”Tom T. San Francisco, CA

“I have gone gluten free for the past 4 days and I’ve noticed some good changes, which lead me to believe I may have had a small allergy to it. I’ve always had arm and neck pains, but I just figured they were from work (keyboard and sitting), but I’ve been pain free for a few days now! Woo Hoo!”Shannon, Fremont, CA

“I am 76 years old man and in 2000 I had two angioplasty procedures, the second including insertion of stents. As a result of my coronary disease, I was taking 2 blood pressure medications and a daily 80 mg dose of Pravastatin to control cholesterol……January 2012 it was 282 and after joining the San Francisco VitaliTi program on May 3, 2012 my weight was down 18 lbs. By November 2012 my weight had dropped to a total of 61 lbs. I have lost about 10-11 inches on my waist measurement and my suit size has gone down 4 sizes: 52 to 44. I have been able to eliminated both of my blood pressure medications. My pravastatin has been reduced from 80 mg to 40 mg, my total cholesterol was 134, HDL was reported as 77 with LDL at 51, for a 1.5 ratio, and my triglycerides were at 30.”Jerry C., San Francisco, CA

“Before going through the VitaliTi program, I was holding an extra 7 pounds that I just couldn’t get rid of, I was tired every afternoon, and my skin was in a constant state of break-out. After going through the VitaliTi program in August 2012, I have lost the 7 pounds and 3 inches around my waste. I have more energy all day long and my skin is completely cleared up including the dark “hormone” spots on my face. I would recommend any person looking to improve their overall health to this program. Susan is an amazing coach and will help you through every part of it!”Lindsey B., Reno, NV