Success Stories

Before starting the program I had yo-yoed back and forth with weight loss not really being successful. I had incorporated a good fitness program into my lifestyle which did help. I definitely am a social eater so didn’t really think about what I was eating and when. Just kind of went with the flow. I didn’t have the best body image and always looked enviously at thinner people.

I have tried several things. I have done keto in a mild way where I did not measure ketones and all that however I did low-carb low sugar. I had some short lived success but I quickly fell off that wagon. Last year I did hCG twice and lost a great deal of weight however I did not feel my best and even though I adopted a better fitness routine in my life once I stopped the hCG, I found myself getting back into my old habits and gained 20 of the pounds back.

I just decided that I wanted to be healthy for myself I wanted to look in a mirror and be happy with what I saw.

Since starting Ti's program, I find that I am definitely more thoughtful about what goes into my mouth. I am very thoughtful about what I am eating with others. I am very thoughtful about what I am going to eat. I definitely look at menus with a different view now and look for things that will fit into what I have learned to be better for myself. I absolutely love the community that I have become involved in. Having those people every week be my own little cheerleading team is so amazing and powerful for me personally. Having Ti's support is incredibly powerful in my journey; just having all the positivity and encouragement and people going through the same thing I am has helped this program become such an easy thing for me.

As of today I have lost 60 pounds! I have very solidly lost one pant size and I am swimming in most of my tops. I love walking into my closet knowing I don’t have to think "oh my goodness is that going to look OK on me?" I know I can just pull anything out at this point and put it on and feel good about myself.

I am just excited to continue the journey and I love the recognition of my progress that I've gotten from my husband and daughter! It makes me proud of myself and want to continue this journey to see where I will end up.

Jennifer Brown
54, TEACHER, Raleigh NC

When the pandemic hit, I started gaining weight pretty quickly and reached out to Ti. I was 188 lbs then and going in the WRONG direction! I felt out of control, unmotivated, uncomfortable in my clothes and in my skin. But following Ti’s program, I learned how to eat for my body's specific nutritional needs, got the support I needed and was able to change my future. I’ve lost 34 pounds during the pandemic and now I love looking in the mirror. I’ve never been at this weight in my adult life! (I didn’t know it was possible.) I feel confident about my body and I’m finally comfortable in my skin!

Holly D.
53, Hayward CA

Your program changed my life.

In the month we took the class, I had lost 17 pounds. I felt that this way of eating, coupled with exercise, really suited me. I felt great, and it was clearly working, so I decided to keep it up. I am proud to tell you that by mid-September, about 6 months after we started, I was down 50 pounds! I went from an XL shirt size to a Medium and from size 36 pants to a size 32.

Even better, I’ve stayed there (even after Thanksgiving!). I am definitely not as strict as I was, but I understand my body and diet much more than I did before and I’m able to self-regulate and correct, which is key.

I just wanted to let you know how much your program meant to me, and say thanks.

P.S. Isabel also ended up down about 20 pounds and has kept it off as well!


Before I started the Vitaliti Program I felt like I would never be able to improve my health beyond taking 5-6 medications at a time for Type 2 diabetes. Right before the Keto cleanse I weighed myself and I remember I was so close to 275-280 I jumped off the scale in disbelief, I have never weighed that much ever, and being 5 feet 8 that was not good.

My weight was slowly climbing to an out of control status and I had absolutely NO energy. My Mental & Emotional Wellbeing was all over the place and severely hindered my outlook on my life and relationship with my family.

The program I previously tried to lose weight was a different version of Keto, during which I consumed so much fat like bacon and eggs several times a day and so many other foods that weren't good for my body. It didn't work because it was all about food and nothing about how I felt and the purpose of food, or even finding the right kind for my body.

Then the Vitaliti program not only gave me the right things to do, but explained to me why I was doing them. The knowledge given by Ti is more than I have ever heard or learned in my life. I learned the type food my body seemed to respond to better than what I have always tried in the past. It also gave me a very strong "why." We develop our "why" with the community in the first few days of the program and the accountability you get from it is phenomenal.

So far I have lost about 35 lbs, and my medical stats have changed drastically. I am currently taking only 1 medication per Dr. orders. All pain pills and pills taken for numbness have been discontinued. No more inulin pen as I was taking 1x weekly; just 1 pill now. Recently spoke with Dr. and she says with this progress, our next step is is taking me off all meds.

I think when and what I eat was a major shift for me during this whole program; it takes the pressure off of feeling guilty and most of all starving myself and then indulging on food that's not healthy for me. Emotionally I started feeling better about myself after I could really see the change in my face and my clothes fitting. I felt more confident about myself, I was more calm, and didn't feel like I was on edge anymore about everything, and I have so much energy now it's crazy.

It means EVERYTHING to me; my relationship with my daughters, my wife and sons have all improved.

I love the community support, information, supplements, education, Ti's friendliness, her positive outlook, and the way she motivates so many people. Its so refreshing to have someone that doesn't look down on you and is always there to move you to higher ground. She's no dummy; she know her stuff, and has an explanation for most comments people have.

It's phenomenal; I would only recommend this program for real results.

Marvin G Corr
55, Self Employed Insurance & Financial Coach, Spring hill

Taking your class with my husband really had such a positive impact on our lives, and we have in turn motivated so many others who have wondered what our secret has been. And we stuck with it because we did it together - I think that was a key.

The program just intuitively feels right - there's no gimmick - and works. I ended up losing around 20 pounds and have managed to keep it off! We are really grateful we found it when we did!



This VitaliTi class was a revelation! My partner Jeffrey and I took the program together, hoping to fine-tune our eating. We got so much more than that.

Ti’s program is unique in its approach to nutrition; it’s full of practical, science-based principles to guide you to healthier eating and feeling your best. Jeffrey has lost 15 pounds in about a month, and I just feel more “defined” somehow, physically and mentally. And there is a real sense of community and camaraderie in the program, a sense that we are all in this together, helping each other find a healthy way to eat that works for us.

What this nutritional-focused class really has going for it is an uncommon amount of personal attention that you can’t get anywhere else. Zoom virtual classes create an unexpected intimacy with Ti, who is able to focus on each participant in a way that adds so much value to these classes.

Meta z.

When I started I weighed 185 and wore a size 14 pants and large shirts. I was worried I would become diabetic (runs in the family). I remember the most annoying thing about being over weight was bending down to tie my shoes and I wouldn’t be able to breathe! I had low confidence, I remember not really wanting to go out to rodeo, parties, or family events. I would get headaches and I remember when ever I got a cold it would last months like a cold after a cold after a cold.

Since starting the VitaliTi program I have lost 55 pounds, and I feel really really healthy! I went from a size 14 to a size 4.

I feel very confident now; I can be invited to impromptu events and feel great about going because I know I won’t have to spend hours picking out clothes that will look good on me and smothering my face in make up. I have more energy than most of my friends and I think I’m a little more out going too!

When you first meet Ti you realize she's a VIBRANT person. She loves to teach and learn herself, which is great. She doesn't just find one result and stick to it, she evolves with her studies of nutrition.

The community and accountability is the best part of Vitality. When you look up the word positivity in the dictionary it shows a picture of Ti's face. We have this thing in our house called “pulling a Ti” it is when one of us voices a complaint or negative comment about a nutritional issue and another person replies with “I am going to pull a Ti” and they flip the comment into a positive moment and evaluation that we can learn from. Cause that is what Ti does.

Kaitlyn Jones
26, Aircraft Mechanic, Antioch Ca

The beauty of your VitaliTi programs is how they become about science. The science of how my body reacts to the things I consume, my routine and habits. When I get the feedback from the metabolic scale (and Ti’s very skillful interpretation of my numbers), it allows me the tools to understand the science of my body’s reactions. Once I have that, it becomes about choices. Not just about how much weight I have or have not lost.

That’s when I shift from “being on a diet” to “a lifestyle change where I’m in control of making choices that affect how I feel, my energy, and lead to weight loss.”

robin c.

I have always struggled with my weight. I can reach my goal but staying there is the problem and as I get older my weight has been fluctuating meaning easy to gain hard to lose. Going on vacation always gets me off track and getting back on track is so difficult for me.

I’m lifetime member of Weight Watchers! I have also tried Paleo, Beachbody Shakes, Cambiati, South Beach. Exercise has been running and the gym. Then I was introduced to VitaliTi a few years ago and I was very successful.

I started with Keto Cleanse and things started to shift. Mentally I felt clear, physically I had more energy, and most of all I wasn’t hungry all the time. I felt committed to the program right away; my thought was "follow the program and see if it works for you." If I cheated then I wouldn’t really know if it works. I ended up losing around 20 pounds!

I have joined the Mastery program for accountability because I don’t want to gain and lose weight over and over!!! I like knowing I have support. I feel great! I like knowing my clothes will fit. I realized I’m happy with my body and how I look. I have never been able to say that. I like looking at my body as a science experience working the numbers along with the food. I love Ti’s knowledge, support, and commitment. 

The online VitaliTi programs have been great. I feel anyone who really wants to make a commitment to themselves and the program will be successful. I tell my friends and family if you are ready to make a change this program will work for you but you have to commit and do the work!! I feel I’m still learning and benefiting from the VitaliTi program on my journey to permanent weight loss.

Christina F.
53, Owner/hairdresser, Burlingame Ca

In my 30's I did South Beach, but I easily lost and gained weight. I also was a fitness instructor and member of a dance team so that kept me in tone. When I got into my late 40's and started menopause South Beach didn't work for me anymore. It was frustrating. I learned about Keto from Ti, and the details of fat storage, hydration, and carbs that I had never learned in a way that stuck with me so that I could replicate it.

I was frustrated with how my body was changing in menopause, being pre-diabetic, and not being able to manage my weight effectively.

I had real success with Ti's Keto Cleanse because of the community support so I decided to continue with the Mastery program. Since starting, I have lost over 20 pounds!

I am experiencing a quiet sense of mountain top achievement in reaching this milestone. Mastery is teaching me a lifestyle. I am excited to be in this program to have the support as I learn to master maintaining my ideal weight through holidays, vacations, and any unexpected events that may occur.

The community and Ti's commitment to working with her clients to discover what works and what doesn't work for them is what really makes the programs. It works, if you work it. It's a commitment but it's worth it.

Clennita Justice
56, Engineering Program Manager at Google, San Ramon CA

On the program, I lost nearly 30 pounds! I am well on my way.

I’ve been committed to the program since I started; there are times when I fall short but it never last more than a day.
My life has changed because my confidence level is changing. It makes me feel good when I accomplish goals and I look better!

I love Ti's enthusiasm, I love her inspiration, and I love how she empowers you to be the best you.

Heidi Moore
55, HR Coordinator, Houston TX

Before starting Ti's program I was overweight and feeling generally run down and tired. I wasn't sleeping well and was pretty much feeling all around crappy. I had tried a few different weight loss programs, but nothing ever stuck.

During Ti's Weight Loss Break Through program, I lost a total of 25 lbs and kept it off almost 100%. I have been fluctuating between 190 and 195 lbs since the program ended.

I feel great now and I am very happy that I decided to make this change and commitment.
The community and the education around diet/health has been my favorite part of the VitaliTi programs. Ti's energy and love for what she does is my favorite part about her!!

My whole family is doing the program now. Thanks for all that you do Ti!! This has been such a great journey.

Brian Sigmond
46, IT Management and Biz Dev, Oakland CA

I knew I had gained weight because of the up and downs of COVID. I was extremely frustrated with the gym openings/closings because I couldn’t maintain my good habits consistently. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2.5 years ago - I was able to maintain a consistent workout schedule which controlled my eating for 2 years straight - and successfully. But with COVID work became the priority not me. I had lost my motivation and my energy was down. I’ve had high blood pressure, couldnt sleep, felt rundown, and was letting my eating be dictated by what sounded good not what was best for me.
Briefly joined weight watchers which didn’t work because no credit was given for working out. If you gained any weight you were criticized which wasn’t helpful at all. After that I just went from a size 26 to 20 on my own - worked out 7 to 10 hours per week and watched my food intake/portions. I played basketball 3 times per week. I found that a high protein, high fat diet worked well.
Needing to gain structure and accountability to get back on track. However there was a lot going on at it was difficult to focus on the program.
Putting myself first, workout each day, got rid of a lot of hooks, and eating more vegetables. Unfortunately my anxiety (about my weight and feeling in control of being able to lose it) has increased too much and affected my blood pressure negatively - I’ve had to change medications now. I’ve started meditating 2-3 times per day and am regular about taking my vitamins. Setting goals into the future...
About 9 days ago after talking to Liz my trainer. I also think having the 12 month plan come out was a motivator - I wish I had had that in the beginning.
I can tell I’ve lost weight due to the way my clothes fit. One change I’m making is that I need to face the numbers so I’m doing that slowly but it can cause so much anxiety.
No not yet
"I just need to schedule time each day for me and be patient "
Well I haven’t achieved the results I wanted but when I do that will mean significantly improved health and relationships. Work won’t be so stressful. Happiness, contentment and a feeling of success.
"Structure, enthusiasm.
My biggest issue has been time - I need at least 2 weeks notice of schedule changes - even starting a new program - I’ve been behind the entire time because of it which has been frustrating.
It’s a good programs do they should try it out.

Gen S.

I lost 12 pounds and my clothes are fitting much more comfortably. My IBS and hiatal hernia are under control. No stomach attacks. I'm enjoying lots of vegetables and drinking lots of water. Feeling better about myself.
I've tried Medifast and Iosgenix and wasn't successful long term. The weight come right back on after stopping these plans.
Looking at my son and his friends loose a lot of weight and keeping it off for a long time!
I'm enjoying lots of vegetables and able to eat salads without having stomach problems. My measurements are shrinking quickly!
Ease of following it and Ti's wonderful techniques to stay on the plan.
Down 12 pounds and lost two inches in my belly button areas.
No longer having stomach issues (IBS and hiatal hernia)
I feel so much better about myself.
Happiness in how I feel generally
Easy! I love smoothies! Eating lots of vegetables.
yes She's very knowledgeable and is clear in explaining how to follow the program.

Paula S.
74, Retired elementary school teacher, RICHMOND, CA

I was up to 195 or 198 and feeling really down and out of control with food and stress. Eating junk and having a hard time with eating veggies and keeping a balance, Things were (and still are) very stressful at work.
Fat Flush Plan, which usually worked, but was hard to maintain after the intensive part of the program. Exercise programs - BodyFX, which is really fun, but I had trouble fitting it into my morning and energy levels (which is a self fulfilling prophecy to not feeling like doing it) being really stressed at work and not having the energy and time. Also tried Noom, which worked for a while, but then it was hard to keep up with th food journal and info sessions.
Did the 30 Day Burst Challenge - I had taken procrastination cure with wendy years ago and came across it and then was inspired and hopefully to take off weight with this program with the combo of Ti and Wendy!
Bursts were fitting well for a while which was great and I hope to be able to get back into them again. I really like the ongoing support and the focus on the veggies.
in the second and third week I think I hit my stride... I felt like the new recipes would really help
8 lbs down. which is my min goal! YAY! measurements are down a bit, I will take them again tomorrow, and body fat is about the same. Truth telling outfit about the same (I have fallen off the wagon with bread due to stress this week) :(
getting blood work for TSH tomorrow. my live blood health is looking pretty good. But I haven't had that done til last week since before the pandemic.
Im having trouble thinking about this as I am off the wagon right now. But I think I get to be a person who can drop her normal wight down and not have to go too far back up! And then hopefully do the again and stay down and keep going down.
better, better, better, hopefully no having the cravings for carbs and sweets as much.. not there yet...
"The weekly support. the materials. the community
I find Ti to be so energetic and positive and inspirational. She very obviously cares about each of us in the program and that really comes though. "
I found trying to figure out which kind of eating style I was pretty confusing. I think I needed some more hand holding on that one... I could have asked, but was overwhelmed with work things as well.
It is a wonderful program with a wonderful leader that can make a hug difference in your life and health!
I feel inspired, even though I don't feel like I was able to give it my all. perhaps I need to be more motivated, less busy/stressed... not sure. But I knew that going into it and managed to lose 8lbs!!

Anna  G. (Anon)

I always felt a little overweight, ate compulsively sometime, loved my sweets, vegetables were OK but didn't bother with too many of them. Added a few pounds post-election.
I have done intermittent fasting which is great. Lost 20# with HcG drops several years ago and kept most of it off. Have done a number of detox's over time.
I was eased into it in one of the best funnels I have ever experienced. Loved the bursts (who can't exercise for a minute or 2?) but only had one smoothie during the 4 day challenge. I prefer chewing my food. And then I saw the possibility of losing weight, eating well, and keeping the weight off. Was tired of a pouchy belly and obsessing over weight.
I feel more confident about food and that I'm I control of it! Never did a formal weight loss program with support before except to drop in on OA decades ago only to be run off by morbidly and grossly obese women. I'm eating lots of vegetables, healthy smoothies, practically no sugar and am feeling fine and satisfied.
I was committed when I started--why waste time and money and this special opportunity? I'm old enough to not want to waste more time on dieting and sub-optimal eating, and to take care of my weight once and for all.
"Didn't really get value of the Tanita and started using it on March 13. I have lost 17.3 pounds during the program although I wonder why I haven't lost more because I'm eating light and correctly. My weight on 3-13 was 156.9# and 18 days later on 3-31 it was 153.1# Body fat hasn't changed since March 13 when it was 33.6%, and 33.5% on March 31. Body water was 41.6% on 3-13 and 42.1% 3-31. I was in keto, too :-(
Truth telling outfit feels wonderful now! I still have a pouchy stomach although less so."
I feel like I deserve to look good and feel great. Why not? I feel slimmer and lighter and actually more youthful, not that I need to revert to any point in time.
I feel very accomplished and proud of my follow through. Feel like I look better and I know less weight is easier on my body.
Ti, you are quite amazing. Besides being the smartest girl in class you are also wise. You really gave me permission to do the program as I thought I could. Best parts are the check-in's and the extensive if a bit overwhelming training. Loved having a solid plan for weight loss.
The FB group was nice but not a lot of engagement by members or Ti, it seems. Jennifer did a great job of monitoring but I think Ti needed to have more presence and that might have encouraged more participation. I had some fun with it but it could have been a lot more interesting. Weight loss is a big deal and support is so important.
I'd say GO FOR IT plus GET THE TANITA SCALE! I felt Tanita was mentioned as a nice-to-have but think it's a need-to-get! This course addresses lifestyle and not just the event of weight loss.
I'm really grateful for the opportunity I had. I learned I can be disciplined about my food, and planning makes all the difference. Learned about reading restaurant menus in advance? I haven't weighed this weight in many decades but certainly don't look skinny! Am eating lots of vegetables and that's fine!

Lynn F.
65, RN, Berkeley, CA

My stomach would always get puffy after eating too much bread or sugar. Before this class, I didn't take notice the correlation. Now I know exactly how I'm going to feel if I partake in binge eating. My energy is definitely come full circle. I get up quickly in the morning, which has never happened! I can handle my long work hours better & with more focus than before the program. Ti's program has taken the yo-yo effect off of my body & healthy habits like last meal before 7pm is sticking. The wonderful, obscene amount of veggies makes me feel good & keeps the cravings away! Thank you so much!
I never wanted to waste $ on any of those programs because I don't usually believe in the "too good to be true marketing". I will rebel against diet restrictions, so I haven't tried any of those other programs since the 1980's. The past 5 years, I lost 50 lbs & kept it off by eating Vegetarian & consistent exercise. This past year I have eaten mostly Vegan, but something was missing to continue with weight loss. I was missing your nutritional science of how our bodies work best with Balanced nutrition, exceptional self care & awareness of our subconscious sabotage mentality. There is no deprivation with your plan, you have plenty of food & the emotional eating heals from this Balanced Eating style. I'm so very pleased that Wendy introduced me to your great work. I have tons of new tools & nuggets of wisdom to give me confidence in knowing I'm making excellent pairings at mealtime & how to keep it easy to prep!!
I've heard Wendy mention your healthy program the past year or so. I've been able to experience your authenticity during Wendy's classes. Your energy & up beat way to connect with others really stuck with me. Your motto "Making Weight Loss Inevitable" really got me curious! & I was Not Disappointed :) I really resonated with your 6 Principles. I thought it was key to Prepare beforehand! It helped me more than I realized at first To Clear the Visual Field & get the junk food out of the house. Eating a socially unacceptable amount of veggies made me so thrilled! I am grateful to know that you believe so strongly & the data cannot be more clear & proven, that a variety of veggies will nourish the body like nothing else :) Hooray!
My confidence, energy, focus has all measurably improved. I'm more impressed with this fact than whether I lost a bunch of weight. A 6 lb weight loss that has stayed off these past 8 weeks is miraculous to me -- through life's disappointments, tragedies & burdens of 12 hour work days. I am grateful I didn't just continue to gain during covid. I found the right place of information for me & I am aware & not sleeping through my days. I am very grateful to be led to your program. Thanks so much Ti :)
Your program gives your clients immeasurable nutritional knowledge & you make yourself available to teach & you get us to think outside the box for answers to Why we want a better chance at great health & enjoyment in the way we carry our bodies. I became committed from the start mentally. I wasn't spot on the entire time, but that's to be expected. Wendy taught me long ago with TAMPELL to be compassionate with myself, so it fell into place for me after many years of working on my issues through Wendy's life saving & joy making work!
159 lbs & my clothes are loose & comfortable. During exercise class I have pep & strength & can sustain my HIIT with dependability
My functional med testing will not be completed for a few more weeks, but I'll let you know where improvements are shown.
I've got the confidence to speak my opinions. I realize not everyone believes the way I do about vegetarian & vegan eating being great for your health, and that the lives of animals must be considered as they are all sentient beings with families, personalities & love to give. I care about what's best for the environment & I try to purchase products from companies that care about these same values.
I have the energy & enthusiasm to be my best advocate & not feel strange about taking excellent care of myself. My family respects me more because I treat them with a calm demeanor & show respect as well. I think it's because my levels of blood sugar & hormones are staying much more well balanced!
I've mentioned it previously as well. I like re-reading the 6 Principles - they are all so beneficial. My fav classes were about the Prep, Balance Style & Detox. Ti is authentic & appears to truly care about our success. She offers wonderful expertise & shares it all completely, professionally, easy to understand & bring into easy practice. Very thorough slides to give us quick "cheat sheets" & helpful hacks to stay on point. I appreciate not having to read an entire novel, like most diet books. You get to the heart of what's going on with any resistance to weight loss!
Not that I can think of. I know Ti has been doing this work for many years, but I have never seen such a fully fleshed out, remarkable body of work to educate us with. Thank you.
I would recommend your program wholeheartedly. I would tell them that it is worth the investment of time & money. Great value & so much to put into easy practice that helps you mentally & logistically prep for Inevitable Weight Loss :)
I've learned to trust my instincts now that I've learned so much from this course. I was on the right trajectory & now I have the knowledge to continue toward terrific health. Thank you truly & I wish you much joy in your life. You work hard & you deserve great experiences with family & friends. 

Donna Shellabarger

440+, 5XL, frequently swollen ankles and feet, Achille's tendinitis, …
Scarsdale as a kid, Atkins multiple times - even lost 65# on Atkins once, but gained it all back and 110 more besides. Once I was off the diet, I was OFF THE DIET
Liz strongly suggested it. New health issues were making it more urgent.
Not sure yet how different, except that I have support this time. Being able to attend meetings online has definitely helped.
Same answer - I have support this time, and being online.
412 this morning, so down 29#. I haven't done measurements, because those aren't part of my goal.
BP yesterday was down 10-15 points systolic (top number)
Things haven't changed a great deal YET, but I like the trend. The weight lost, while significant, is still a very small portion of what I have to lose.

Michael Horton

Weight: 142, up 5 pounds from the holidays
Tried eating less. Did not work!
It had worked for me in the past.
I now have an eating discipline. I know what I have to do to lose weight, even if it takes longer to lose than in the past. Iwas having trouble starting, and I’ve now done that.
When directed to avoid protein bars. I stuck with this longer. I think the 60-day duration is helpful.
Weight: -5.6 lbs; fat: -.9%; muscle: .3%. Waist: 1”, 1”, 1.5”.
I feel better about emerging from the pandemic without having gained a lot of weight. This helped.
I’m encouraged that I can regain control of my weight, with time and effort.

Susan K.

I was (and still am.. but dwindling weekly!) significantly overweight and always tired.
I'd tried Isagenix a few times and would do good at first but always wound up shifting off of it and not eating enough healthy foods while doing it.
quarantining had brought me to a very troubling mental place and I knew that I needed to make a big change in my life and body to try to get out of my funk.
I'm feeling better mentally and sticking with it instead of shifting off.
I think i was sold on this platform right from the first week.
I've lost 20 lbs and am down 2 sizes.
haven't gotten these check recently.
I am focused on continuing down this weight loss journey.
I'm feeling much less mentally clogged and once vaccinated I'll feel much better about getting out and doing things.

Jodie S.
42, FINANCE, San Francisco, CA

I knew I was overweight and trying to ignore it. I didn't feel confident, sexy and had a lot of pain.
I've done intermittent fasting, exercise, whole 30, paleo, arbonne, etc. Most recently though I hadn't done much of anything except try and ignore it!
I knew Ti's programs work. I've done them before and they were the only thing that has really worked on me.
Lower blood pressure, lymphedema leg less inflamed, have great focus and feel great. I feel so clean with eating so many veggies! Also improved skin and body pain.
A lot of it was the financial commitment - I didn't want to have it go to waste. I also really made the decision to do it and committed to it.
Down 21.5 pounds and wore truth telling outfit to party Saturday. When started program couldn't pull it over my hips.
Blood pressure down, body pain much better, lymphedema leg stable.
Feeling happy, sexy and confident.
"Feel so much happier in my relationship with others and my husband especially. 

Lara Davies

Losing weight was a struggle and something that preoccupied my thoughts. I was always looking for the next possible solution. The desire to lose weight and searching for how to do so took a disproportionate and unhealthy amount of my "thinking" time. It was a constant thought and impacted many choices that I made. It mostly affected my self-esteem.
I have tried many things. I have tried over-exercising and a variety of "diet programs". These would include everything I read in a topical magazine, saw in an ad or heard about from friends. (Weight Watchers, Golo, noom, etc). These programs did not work for me, I believe, because I was essentially on my own and didn't have enough detailed knowledge beyond basic micro-nutrients and calories in and calories out.
I joined to make a statement about my commitment to myself and because I believed that there was both the information and the format to support me. I needed more of the exacting science and the group support and regular meetings, education and accountability. The financial investment also encouraged me to stick with the program. It was also more appropriate for me now because I had the liberty of devoting myself to the program with few distractions.
I know that I can lose the weight if I follow the program. I also know that I can go off program and recover by restarting with simple steps. i have the tools to keep myself on track. I have a much better understanding of what will sabotage my efforts. I am more clear about the metrics and their importance. The scientific approach is a very successful mindset for me. Nothing is random. I can see and track the data and make reasonable connections.
I was immediately truly committed to the program. I knew that I could devote myself to the program due to the opportunity that I had to take time off of work. That was the big difference for me. As this was my most debilitating issue, having the time to make it the focus of my life was major!
Met stretch goal of 20 lbs. Lost 2 clothing sizes and 5" off waist and about 6" off belly/hips! I was able to rid my closet of many clothing items and bring in many of my "too small" outfits. I am very pleased with the ability to choose clothing on a "desire to wear basis" rather than a "it fits basis".
Improved blood work, including sugar cholesterol and reduced blood pressure. Better sleep and energy levels.
More confident and cheerful. I believe in myself and am enjoying the confident feeling of knowing how to take care of myself. It is gratifying and empowering to know that I can decide how I will feel and look and that I have all that is needed to make good choices.
The simple answer is my confidence. I now believe what I tell myself about my ability to choose the body size that I want. I now know that I trust myself to exercise good care!

Nancy F.

Felt alone. Had sick feeling in my stomach often. Sleepy. Felt Saggy and old.
I stop eating sweets and fat, and then I go crazy and eat everything.
For support and eduction.
I feel more in control when I have a plan.
This round I never got into the program. It was very hard to keep it front of mind as my mother got ill and died unexpectedly. Then family was in town and it was a time of eating together and feeling sorry for myself and feeding/nurturing each other.
I took lots of photos and even videos. But nothing has changed so I haven't tried to fit into my outfit nor measure myself.
When I do get control over my weight, I feel and act much more confident, more sexy, and happier.
I'd like to get to the point where it isn't so much effort and planning, but just comes naturally. I wish I could just make good choices and not have it be time consuming. I also wish I could really feel the different when I eat something that isn't good for me.

Maura N.
58, PROJECT MANAGER, Lafayette, CA

5' tall, was back up to 135 after years of staying about 12-15 lbs less post several cycles with Vitaliti and staying with shakes, no sugar for years, etc. Then covid, no gym, my knee needs replacing so limited exercise, 5 hard deaths of dearly loved family and friends all in 7 months - I lost my focus. I have chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia - being thinner made those more manageable so highly motivated but it does not change symptoms, frequency, etc - just every lb extra I carry around makes for greater discomfort.
Several cycles with Vitaliti /Ti in 2013-2015, weight watchers before that. Years ago tried Nutrisystem but have learned I don't crave most starchy carbs and best to avoid them as much as possible.
Success I had previously with Ti's programs and the way it retaught me how to eat more consciously - I want to lose at least 90% of the 15 lbs before I go in for knee replacement surgery and having done it before, I knew it was completely manageable and that I could be successful - being 71 though and unable to exercise at this time the way I like to is making the weight loss incredibly slow - I am still only down between 8.5-9 lbs total.
this has just reminded me of why it worked before and encouraged me to use the program. the difference between this cycle and prior cycles with Vitaliti has been injuries and inability to exercise the way I love to has made the loss of weight so slow it is hard to be encouraged - but the coaching has been invaluable and this is definitely the best approach for me - now and during prior cycles
facing more "on the bench time" pre and post surgery was a big incentive - I was discouraged that I let those lbs creep back on and am feeling motivated to keep moving forward.
the percentage of body fat is not vastly different than early on in the program but that is because I work out with a trainer once a week and ride my exercise bike at least 4 times a wk, at least 1 hr at a time so my percentage of muscle was/is fairly high. I ddn't take pictures because it just depressed me. I haven't measured myself since the beginning for the same reason and finally tried on my jeans - on pair are somewhat tight but I couldn't even get into them before, one pair I still need to lose more before I can fit into them. I know for me my bandwidth of flexibility on weight is very narrow because I am small - so I need to go back to doing the 3 day of liquids and restart the program if my weight goes up more than 2 lbs from my goal. I am still 6 lbs away
not sure what you mean - in this time of covid, I am avoiding all lab visits- so have no idea what m y current cholesterol is and that will not change (my reluctance to go to the lab) until there is a significant reason to do so or covid gets contained.
I just want to be lighter, more agile and fit -and not so focused on how i look other than that - that is not a priority for me as it is a self -shaming cycle waiting to happen if I gain a few lbs - I want it to be just feeling and looking healthier goal and use that thinking to keep myself on track - that will help me stay positive and focused-
live alone, work on my own, did before and continue to do so - nothing to add here

Shael B.
71, SEMI RETIRED, BerkeleY, CA

bloated, low energy, dependent on coffee, aches and pains
a little of everything
Because I love and trust TI!
more alert, more energy, prioritizing veggies over unhealthy foods
need to be healthy to enjoy my child :)
lost 6 kgs!
i still have a ways to go to get to my goals but im feeling better in my body

Tejinder J. (anon)
38, RESEARCHER, San Jose, CA

10 lbs heavier, tired a lot, ate mainly carbs.
All the programs worked but after awhile I would get lazy and slip back into old habits.
It was time to make a fresh start and Liz highly recommended the program.
I pay more attention to the sugar in foods and I'm concentrating more on vegetables.
Even now, I'm not sure I'm " fully committed"
Lost weight and an inch or two but I can notice any difference in my clothes.
My blood work showed anemia and low vitamin D
Overall I'm more hopeful about keeping the weight off.
I'm more content.

Diana V.
82, RETIRED, Davis, CA

I may have already filled this out, but each week my perspective changes, so will update. Before this program, I had enrolled in WLB for Feb. 2021, and before the program started, my life pretty much completely fell apart. We ran out of money, had to sell our home and move into a trailer, and the stress of all this created an autoimmune episode that so severely affected my health that I was flatlining physically and emotionally. I looked 8-9 months pregnant from bloat and leaky gut and had 0 energy and hope. Sadly, we were moving on week 1 or 2 the February program, and I didn't have any resources to get the supplements and basically wasn't able to focus my attention on the training and it just went downhill from there. Ti was very kind to allow me to get back on my feet a bit, so even though it was a sacrifice, I purchased the supplements for this program in June, and it made all the difference (even though I thought I would do Balanced, so ended up getting VegeMeal and VegeCleanse instead of Paleo, that led to the breakthrough of realizing that I had a major food sensitivity to pea protein.) After years of trying to eat "clean" I was in a state of discouragement that words fail to describe. Ti's commitment to "inevitable" was the only thread of hope I had.
"Where to begin? Here are all the programs I've done, starting in 1971: the grapefruit diet, HCG injections, 9 day juice fasting, Nature's Secret, 5 Day Fasting Cleanse, no eating after 3 pm, Adkins diet, Fat Flush diet, Kelly Burris ""Mind Fitness"", Herbalife weight loss, Doterra Slim & Sassy, Zone eating, Bright Line Eating, Autoimmune repair diet, Weight Watchers, Bill Phillips Body for Life, Thin Within, Fit for Life, Isogenics, and a couple others that I don't remember what they are called.
Why didn't they work? Well, I lost weight on all of them, but they were not sustainable, so the weight came back every time. There were a couple of key things missing: #1 is sustainability - There was something wrong in every program, because I always felt deprived, or hungry, or unhappy with the food choices available to me, so I couldn't continue past a certain point. #2 None of these programs identified if my body wanted starchy carbs or fat. This was a huge breakthrough with Ti helping us realize that our individual bodies will let us know what we need (and DON'T need!!) So that includes knowing that even some ""clean/healthy"" foods are going to cause unwanted reactions like inflammatory response. #3 personalized SUPPORT. This is the first time someone running a program (Ti) took enough interest in my personal challenges to make sure I was successful LONG TERM!!"
The challenge was enrolling in yet another program when there were SO MANY FAILURES. Tonya White is a good friend, and knowing and respecting her so much over the years, and seeing that she was able to not only maintain a healthy weight but was happy, helpful and supportive and encouraging, I finally decided to try ONE MORE TIME!
Ketosis kicked in, and over the last 8 weeks, so much has shifted. I've kept a food log EVERY DAY, and have been willing to be accountable, even when I was not happy with what I had to write in the log. I've learned to really focus of a lot of veggies, and a lot of water, and most importantly, to keep up with the supplements and what was bringing positive results. I was in so much physical and emotional pain when the program started, it is hard to describe how AMAZING it feels to not have excruciating pain in my gut, knees, hip.
I think it was being offered the second chance by Ti, that was such a gift. I realized this was IT, my last and final resort, and to give it a fair chance, I had to be in 100%, so I decided to do EVERYTHING as it was outlined. There was a very discouraging time when we reached the 3 blended days and I was still using VegeMeal & VegeCLeanse and was actually feeling worse than ever and more bloated than before, that is when Tonya came to the rescue and suggested I stop the pea protein. From that point on, everything started to work and I dropped quite a bit of weight and inflammation from then on.
I don't have these with me, but think they are in my weekly check in stats.
1. NO MORE JOINT PAIN!! 2. Reduction in gut bloat 3. More energy and stamina 4. HOPE and HAPPINESS 5. Loss of 16+ lbs and 6. Going from size 10 to size 4
I am filled with hope and enthusiasm for easing back into physical activities I have abandoned for so long, and look forward to exercising again. I am able to accomplish more with my time now that I understand how to nourish myself
Words seem to fail to describe how it feels when you have NO HOPE. Everything from relationships to motivation to do anything suffers. In a nutshell, I have been given a second chance at life, at age 68 when most people give up entirely on thing improving that have been deteriorating for decades. I feel joy every day just to be alive!

Claire Y.

"Most of my life I have been at a reasonably good weight, about 135 pounds. During the past 18 months I gained weight due to longterm stress, COVID restrictions ending in-person gym programs, knee problems limiting mobility, sloppy eating habits that included too many carbs. At at medical visit in December 2020, I weighed 149.5 pounds, and for the first time in my life my blood test indicated I was borderline on key indicators, including diabetes and high cholesterol. I was also borderline for hypertension. I was told to lose weight or I would need to begin taking medication. By mid-June, when I started the 10-Day-Smoothie Restart, I had lost about four pounds and was down to 145 pounds. During the Restart, I lost five pounds, bringing me down to 140. During WLB, I continued to lose weight, 10 more pounds, and am now about 130 pound, which seems to be the optimal weight for me.
I feel much better, have more energy, my summer clothing, which was too tight on me, is now loose; some of my clothing is too big for me. I will have it taken in or donate it to charity. People notice the weight change and compliment me. One acquaintance said: ""You lost your belly!"" Yes! Yippee! I am far more comfortable in my body now and hope to stay this way."
"About 15 years ago, I tried Weight Watchers, and lost a few pounds. I did not like the foods they were suggesting as substitutes, as most had artificial sweeteners and additives, which I refuse to eat. Weight Watchers was not good for me, and I and dropped out. After that, I went to a nutrition doctor for an individual weight loss plan. It was basically a good, well balanced weight loss program, with a healthy shake with lots of supplements for breakfast, a lot of vegetables, very little dairy, no gluten grains, moderate amounts of animal protein, smaller portions and no eating late at night. I lost weight and kept it off for a long time. Gradually, however, I got sloppy, and went back to eating more carbs, especially crunchy, crusty, crisp, salty chips, pretzels, Italian bread, etc. The more I ate, the more I craved them. Whenever my blood sugar dropped I would reach for the carbs.
The problems was that than that I did not understand how these carbs affected me--that I was addicted to them. I never had enough. I was never satisfied and could not stop eating then until I finish all that was in the house.
Now I no longer purchase these items. As they are not in my cupboard and I don't have easy access to them, I don't eat them. Other than my carb addictions, I have always tried to eat healthy foods, mainly following the Mediterranean diet since childhood: lots of fresh veggies, fish, poultry, very little fried foods, no processed foods, not a lot of sugar (I have never craved sweets) and basic daily supplements.
Since WLB there is one important difference. I understand now, as I did not know before WLB, that my current weight loss is not due so much to what I am eating, but rather what I am NOT eating--the empty carbs, especially when my blood sugar drops. I know that going back to eating empty carbs will automatically result in my gaining pounds that I don't need and are bad for me. I have no intention of eating myself into a situation where I must take medication to regulate blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. NO! NO! NO! Pretzels, bread, chips are gone from my kitchen."
As explained above, in December 2020, my blood test and other tests indicated--for the first time in my life--that I was on the verge of diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. I did lose some weight on my own but did not cut out the carbs, so I only lost four pounds in six months. Not good enough. A friend recommended the 10-Day Reset and WLB; I liked the VegeMeal and other smoothie supplements, the eating plan was easy to follow, and the pounds melted. What a great program! I have recommended WLB to relatives, friends, acquaintances and will continue to do so. Ti's emphasis on participants learning about foods and understanding how different foods affect each person differently, and what foods promote good weight and health and what foods do the opposite (empty carbs in my case), is unique and so important. Thank You, Ti!
I am benefitting tremendously from understanding my body's nutritional needs and what to avoid. I identified what foods were hurting me and cut them out of my life. This teaching was not included in any other program that I am aware of.
As explained above, I now understand WHAT foods make me gain weight and WHY I need to avoid them. This understanding is very important to me because I cannot do much without it. With understanding I can accomplish what I need to keep myself healthy.
I lost 15 pounds since starting the 10-Day reset in mid-June--about 10 weeks ago. I consider that a significant weight loss. I am now about 130 pounds, which is lower that my original goal of 135 pounds. I feel very good at this weight, 130 pounds, so It is apparently my optimum weight. I intend to stay just about here.
I have my next medical appointment in September when I will have another blood test and will see the medical improvements resulting from losing almost 20 (this includes the weight I lost before WLB). In the meantime, I enjoy looking better, having my clothing fit me--and some of it being too large and needing to be adjusted or discarded.
"Achieving these good results demonstrates--mainly to me--that I am not stuck in the past, either physically or psychologically. I'm not locked into repeating old self-destructive and self-frustrating patterns, and I don't need to be the victim of foods that harm me, regardless how I enjoy eating them; or of any other destructive pattern, unconscious belief, automatic reaction, toxic relationship that is limiting me and keeping me from becoming who I really am meant to be.
Yes! Even at this stage of my life, I have much to do and achieve."
I am much happier.

Sonja M.
81, RETIRED, New York City, NY

Fighting with myself and the scale. Very pre-occupied with stubborn weight gain and other menopausal issues.
Weight watchers, Atkins, and 30 day cleanse w/Ti
Mother's day gift to myself. Time was right. Covid lockdown. May 2020
More conscious of intake and kinder to myself.
Really really tired of carrying the extra pounds and also concerned about pre-disposition for diabetes.
Weigh myself regularly on ordinary scale and try on a truth fitting pair of paints. Red pants.
none that are very remarkable. I do feel a bit better in my body.
Healthier and more confident
It really is all about me and my relationship with myself. Family and friends accept me at any weight and care only about my health and well being. This is about feeling better in my own skin. Going into my senior years with good health and looking the best I can despite other changes that come with aging.

Renee Powell
62, ARTIST, Hercules

This past summer I picked up more weight topping out at 236# which was alarming. Although I continued to do cross fit it was more difficult and I developed an issue with my knees. My routine was wine 3X per week over the weekend starting Friday night. My confidence was still strong workwise but not low health wise.
I needed a better way to deal with my health and started to fast intermittently. I called it FAST Tuesday which worked for about 8 weeks until I joined WLBT.
Intermittent fasting was ok but I needed a better way, my intake hadn't changed except on Tuesday. My other concern was whether health wise, my contribution was positive to my marriage. I wanted and needed to be a positive influence and it didn't feel as such. Our 40th wedding anniversary was to be soon. I considered Noom and actually signed up for it but it wasn't appeasing. When Liz reintroduced me to Vitaliti, I jumped at it. I wasn't ready when it was offered to me last April.
The shift was reintroduction to the Keto way of eating and the mindfulness of food consumption. I did the South Beach diet 15 years ago and it worked for a while. I did the Paleo diet 3 years ago and it worked for a while. What lacked was the support system once I reached those goals. That's way may be needed to sustain this weight loss.
After three weeks when I began to see results, I was committed 80% to WLBT but my concern remained how to keep the weight off once I lost it again. I am now 100% committed since I see this as a great way to enter retirement. It also shows that taking this on has been great for my marriage in that an air of unpredictability helps to keep more balance in our relationship.
My mind set is different because with supportive information I am in control and have ways to mitigate losing control. The green shirt fit and was a little loose when I tried it on the week after Thanksgiving and had lost 1/2 after Thanksgiving. I boosted my exercise knowing I would eat more than usual; I had a plan! Plus the Sunday after Thanksgiving I hiked 5.5 miles.
I've lost 25#s and am still dropping weight. My eating habits evolved considerably where animal protein is just a minor part of my diet converting to smoothies. This drives my wife nuts but it works!!! It still have an issue with eating too many nuts (what a pun) so I will need to address that. I've reached my weight loss goal and am close to reaching my stretch goal. My % of water is 10% higher than % of fat and when starting WLBT the percentages were reversed. My energy level is very high and my clothes no longer fit!
I'm in charge of me rather than taking what comes my way -WOW. I decide what I eat and drink; and this is not a sacrifice. There will be a time soon where food and drink is no longer the center of my existence meaning that it's necessary but it's not my entertainment, not my end all.
This is who I am now. I look forward and not back. I'm in charge of me and my health, and I am doing something substantial about it. This is the right change at the right time and I will do what's needed to make it sustainable!

Victor Dillard

The longer I am past those days, the less I remember them! There is probably more detail in my responses from the last WBT course. What I do remember is how miserable I felt - joint pain, heaviness, brain fog, poor sleep and depleted energy, all on top of excess weight and the mental and emotional challenges that go along with all of these conditions. My weight was 145 lbs. and I struggled with poor self esteem.
I had tried many many programs, both for weight loss and health. Many of the programs did work, but were not sustainable long term, and in any program, there were principles I didn't understand that are necessary for long term results (including food allergies, how keto works, and the magic of veggies.)
Several things helped me make a decision: long term friendship with Tonya White and her results; Ti's videos and explanations and the first free program that was a 4 or 5 day reset that started with drinking more water. I felt hope with the simplicity and support.
Thinking like a scientist!! Evaluating everything, and learning to recognize triggers, the effects of food, and developing long term habits of hydration, supplementation, weighing daily, and having an accountability partner are all shifts that have become permanent to keep long term success.
I was not able to complete the program in Feb of last year because life circumstances were just too overwhelming. But just the exposure to that first program was enough that when things continued to spiral down for me physically, coming to a breaking point in terms of pain brought a 100% commitment to the program in June 2021
"Weight 145 lbs to 120- Body fat from 48 lbs to 30; measurements are not handy right now;
truth telling outfits from size 12 to size 2-4"
From broken to healthy (no longer have joint pain, good sleep, good energy, good moods)
I am able to focus on work and making a difference. Able to enjoy my health and body, and being with other people more.
I feel like I've been given my life back!

Claire Y.

Before joining my first vitality program I was in the process of trying to lose weight by myself was a little successful then Covid hit and I gained about 5 pounds or so so I was going in the wrong direction and the program put me back on track
I’ve done several things I’ve been a dieter all my life I’ve done Atkins weight watchers calorie counting clean eating plus exercise you name it I believe I have not achieved permanent weight loss is because I did not make this a lifestyle change for me
I joined because my cousin asked me if I wanted to be a part of it and I said sure
I am now aware of my hook I never knew the name of this thing that was talking to me when I do things that I know that I will not benefit from
My commitment is different now because I am older and my health is at risk and I care about that
I have lost 37 pounds my truth telling outfit still doesn’t fit But I know it will
I haven’t had my health status check since November but at that time I’m in the normal range for every thing besides weight
My confidence level has improved I won’t say tremendously it has improved I don’t get as angry when I look at myself in the mirror. I am still Heidi on the outside but mentally I’m disappointed in myself for even allow myself to get this way but once again I’m on the right track
I Achieving these goals gives me a new lease on my health and it again helping improve my confidence in myself and hopefully soon I will feel more comfortable with myself so I can do greater things.
I love The fellowship and the sense of community that we have. I love the support that we all give each other. I love Ti because she is so positive She’s a great listener and not to mention she is filled with a whole lot of knowledge
I can’t think of anything right now
I would just tell them what I’m doing and invite them to visit one of the complementary programs that Ti office periodically
How to get out the rut how to not get bored

Heidi Moore
55, HR, Houston, TX

disorganized - I would work out and loose weight then gain it back, or eat healthy and loose weight and gain it back - usually pretty quickly
the only "program" I tried was weight watchers....twice? I think - I forget, all I remember is I got bored and frustrated - bored of having to count "point" for everything I ate (and none of it made any sense) and frustrated that I was freaking hungry ALL THE TIME cause I would run out of "points" pretty quickly, and not really loosing any weight
mom said it was working for her and she felt great - my weight at the time was close to where I wanted it to be and I wanted to learn how to get it down further and maintain it (still working on this - but I feel closer than I ever have)
IDK really - kinda hit a point where I was done mucking around with my health and fitness. I have noticed that getting some (30 min or more) physical activity a day helps with making better eating choices when I'm hungry, so I think that might be what really helped turn things around over the past three months
committed to sticking to it? early December of 2020 - made a deal with my self that I was gonna dial everything in (food, self care, exercise) and my significant other suggested the 75 hard challenge for both of us - so I figured why not augment that to fir the vitaliti principles and tailor it to meet my needs and where I know I'm at starting from scratch. I think that's why this time is different - I made an over all plan and set some easy parameters and short term goals for my self
overall - still heavier than when I started way back when. Since January 4th - as of today I am down 18.9 lbs (1.1 lbs from my stretch goal of 20lbs of loss for this current class set) my body fat is down by 14.4 lbs, I've lost roughly 2 inches around my mid section - haven't tried on my truth telling outfit (just a pair of jeans) but I will have that update before the call tomorrow!!
I haven't done medical stats in a LONG time, but I've been tracking my resting heart rate, which is down from 84 bpm to 76 bpm as of today.
in that respect I don't feel that I get to be anyone different - that's a weird question for me so I'm not sure how to answer
the only big difference is that I've started hiking regularly - it started off as a team building thing with some people from work, and has since puttered out to just me and 1 friend from work scaling the foothills in the east bay and getting chased by cows - actually my mom joined us last weekend and has been thrilled that I'm getting out and enjoying nature every weekend lol
I love the community - hearing everyone's wins, sharing tips and tricks for food, supplements, meal prep - just everything. and I love that it's a real safe place to talk things out with everyone. and I LOVE Ti - she has been so supportive and motivating through all of this, and wealth of information and ideas - not sure if I would have accomplished as much as I have without her help
nothing that I can think of right now, I'm pretty content
DO IT!!! you won't be disappointed!!
I've always been a foodie - but what this program has taught me is how to change alot of the wonderful things I see and cook and make them better nutritionally and not have to sacrifice the yumminess of it - which is HUGE since food is a social lubricant and bonding agent in my world
self care - I still put the world before my self...but I am getting better 

Marialena Drouillard