Get Fit Strength and Conditioning presents:

A free intro to the Weight Loss Break Through Program

Webinar with Ti Caudron & Elizabeth Parson

Seminar Presented By: 

Ti Caudron, PhD

VitaliTi Wellness

Elizabeth Parson

Get Fit Strength and Conditioning

Why Counting Calories, Macros and Exercise Only
is not the Answer (and what to do instead)…

  • High fat, low fat, low carb, vegan…why what you learn on the Internet about macros and calories misses the mark to get you to permanent weight loss
  • The step that is left out of weight loss programs that keeps you gaining and losing over and over on the weight loss roller coaster and is the KEY to resetting your metabolism
  • What almost everyone is doing right now that is sabotaging your gut health and keeping you overweight, tired, and foggy


February 9


1 PM - 2:30 PM PT

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